THE ALLGANIKS is a mega production, both on and off the stage. Made up of fourteen regularly revolving members and hailing from both a national and international diaspora, the diverse collective of collaborating artists all landed in Melbourne and began their journey of epic proportions.

With a groove that is insatiable, part funk, part hip hop, with layers of R&B, rock guitar and other world instrumentation, THE ALLGANIKS know how to have a party. Lyrically tackling current world issues and stimulating their audience to not only dance, but think as well. This dynamic collection of grand production dare have created a unique sound, challenging themselves as well as the music industry.

Drawing from various musical influences, The Allganiks bring to the stage their upbeat style of blending live sampling and deejays. Together with a massive live band and horn section, The Allganiks ensure big sound whilst maintaining their creative integrity and the ethos of keeping it live!

“First Words”, The Allganiks debut album released in 2012, captures the diversity and musical genius of the members and features collaborations with the likes of Elf Tranzporter, The Stoops, Royalty Noise and Ee’da. With radio airplay in Australia, USA, UK, France, Germany and New Zealand and their music spreading internationally on American and UK hip hop sites, THE ALLGANIKS know how to bring it.

THE ALLGANIKS have toured venues across Australia, including Melbourne Fringe, Wide Open Space Festival, Byron Bay, Cairns, and Katoomba, and have had numerous gigs in their hometown of Melbourne, building a strong Australian following.

Triple J’s Rosie Beaton considers THE ALLGANIKS an “International sound… world class”.  Check  them out and decide for yourself.